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Monday, August 31, 2009

MOBS & Comfybebe MOST LOVING SIBLING contest

(Note : This is a sticky entry. For latest updates, pls scroll down)

Dear Friends,

As promised (though a bit delayed), we are now bring you another contest organised by both MOBS & ComfyBebe.

Title :

How to enter...
1. Be a FOLLOWER of ComfyBebe at
2. Be a FOLLOWER of MOBS at
3. Choose your best children's SIBLING photo and BLOG about it on your blog. Tell us a bit about why you chose the pic with your kids name and ages (min 2 kids)
4. Make sure it has a back link to both MOBS & ComfyBebe blogs
5. Leave a comment on MOBS with your name, email and blog link (very important!!)
6. Make sure you add this on your sideblog with a backlink to MOBS.
6. For those who don't have a blog, email us your kids picture at together with name, email and address, why you choose the pic, kids names and ages :)

** EDITED : For those who don't have siblings, COUSINS can do as long as FAMILY!!!

There will be 4 main PRIZES but depending on no of entries, there might be more :)
So hurry !! Send in your entries now !!

Zoobie Pets
Poallu the Polar Bear worth RM134.90

Consolations Prizes :
Envirosax Bags
and more

Contest runs till 31st August 2009

Happy Contesting
Have Fun !!

(Note : This is a sticky entry. For latest updates, pls scroll down)


Mama Safiyyah said...

i cant seem to leave my comment on MOBS....wonder why? i've witten an entry for the contest

do advise....thank you

ComfyBebe said...

Tat's funny... so far everyone is able to do. Pls do try again until you can ok.. or else you might not be eligible to join the contest.

Try closing all your browser and try again. If not try again tomorrow? Thanks and good luck !! :)

If you still can't after a couple of days, let me know.. thank you !!

bukhairiah said...

Love to join contest...
visit my blog k...

Vivian Wong said...

Joined the contest. Leave a note in MOBS too.

Mama Safiyyah said...

i still cant leave any msg at MOBS :-(

Mama Safiyyah said...

can oredi :-)

so i can join? :-)

ComfyBebe said...

Don't worry.. just send in your entries either HERE, MOBS or email to ... I'll accept all entries :)

miela77 said... last minute entry..hopefully qualified..

IZAN said...

Selamat menyambut hari merdeka!!
I've submit (create an entry) for my lovely kids at

Do come and check!
Thank you in advance
Cheers! izan

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